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Our Philosophy

EXCELLENT DENTISTRY is not about finding problems and just fixing them.
EXCELLENT DENTISTRY is about finding problems, fixing them beautifully, and figuring out what caused the problem so it doesn't happen again.
EXCELLENT DENTISTRY is not about treating teeth, it is about treating the person attached to those teeth.
EXCELLENT DENTISTRY is delivering beautiful cosmetic care to patients who need it and want it.  It is not about selling unnecessary crowns and veneers on patients who are still getting cavities.

EXCELLENT DENTISTRY is about building a lasting relationship of friendship and trust with our patients so that we can all feel better about your visits to our practice.

We're always happy to deliver beautiful cosmetic dentistry to our patients.  But we always make sure you are not having other problems first.

Cavities and gum disease are bacterial "infections” and for a variety of reasons, some mouths are more vulnerable than others.  If you or a family member are experiencing dental issues,  it makes sense to identify the cause and make the changes necessary to make your problem stop.
The science of the risk factors involved has advanced greatly in recent years. Unfortunately, the best science is not always applied.  Dentists get paid for drilling holes, not for preventing them and that never made sense to us.  And dentistry sometimes places appearance before function, but we believe that you can have both!

When appropriate, we have the training, experience, and dedication to provide cosmetic dental care that is literally “world class” and we enjoy the rewards of creating work that is truly “life-like”.  You can find photos of our work elsewhere on this site.

Prevention has always been a strong part of our practice philosophy and the elevated oral health of our patients shows that our efforts are working.  New patients receive an extremely comprehensive examination and learn how to achieve a healthier dental future.  We have gotten very used to hearing new patients say, "I've never had a visit like this.  I've learned so much." To us, that means a lot.

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