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Our Team...

Lauren, Expanded Function Dental Assistant

She's our gentle, sure-handed, experienced and certified Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary.  Lauren will amaze you with her infectious laugh and love for what she does.  Meeting and helping nice patients is why she does what she does, and she does it very well. 

We suspect that Lauren most likely enjoyed playing "doctor" at a younger age.  As she greets each patient, she is making mental notes of the situation and then quietly speculates to the dentist about a possible diagnosis. She is usually right.  Lauren really knows her stuff and makes life so much better for everyone around her.

Emily, Dental Hygienist

Gentle and friendly Emily is dedicated to the proposition that all teeth are created equal and that they should be as clean and white as her own (see photo). Emily might remind you that you are not flossing far enough below your gums (because, quite frankly, most people don't), but she won't make you feel guilty if you don't.  Instead, she'll talk with you about your unique dental health and work out a reasonable plan that you can manage and still have a time to live your life.

Emily is dedicated to her craft.  She is one of this area's first Qualified Orofacial Myologists - she evaluates and treats the muscular function and disorders of the face, mouth, lips, jaw and tongue.  Emily often has answers for nagging questions that patients have wondered about for years and then offers suggestions on how to make things feel better.

Valerie, Office Manager

Valerie is the first person you'll see when you enter the office and the she'll be the last to say, "good bye".  In between, she'll be taking care of your appointments, your insurance, your financial arrangements, and anything else that we can help you with.

Valerie's chief responsibility is to make sure that everything going on in the front of the office is coordinated with what's happening in the treatment rooms.  We are in a field where emergencies sometimes arise.  Valerie is a master at making sure that they are handled quickly and smoothly, which makes life easier for everyone involved.

Incidentally, Valerie is actually the "first" and "last"  person that Dr. Furlan sees each day...she's also known as Mrs. Furlan.  

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