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Patient Reviews


Julie Schneider

Dr. Furlan and Emily are the best!!! They truly care about each and every patient! Dr. Furlan recommended an orthodontist to us who has since greatly improved the quality of life for my son in years to come! Forever grateful!

Karen DiSanto

Love Dr. Chris Furlan and the staff at this practice -- I've been a patient for over 25 years! Not only is Dr. Furlan an excellent dentist who stays current with the field; he is a great diagnostician who explains procedures thoroughly and when required, refers you to other incredibly talented professionals in the field (and follows the course of the treatment). He's also very personable, knowledgeable (about myriad things), and an incredible photographer -- (an added bonus to watch the looping slide shows each time on the monitors). I never leave his office without learning something new and all of this, delivered with a wonderful dry sense of humor combined with the good-humored banter that he and his staff enjoy. Our entire family of four (adult children) are now all patients of Chris Furlan -- can't say enough good things about him and this practice -- highest recommendation!!

Warren B Gefter

Dr. Chris Furlan is a uniquely outstanding dentist. He came highly recommended by the former dean of a prestigious dental school, and I have been fortunate to be a patient of his for the last decade. Chris has all the qualities of an exceptional dentist: vast experience, masterful technical skill, and a highly compassionate and personalized approach to patient care. But he also has something that goes far beyond: a genuine passion for science. He is a true polymath with an insatiable curiosity for understanding why and how dental problems develop, and for learning new methods to prevent, diagnose and treat them. It is refreshing to encounter someone so passionate about his work. Not only does it translate into excellent care, but it makes being in his dental chair actually an enjoyable and educational experience. It’s better than nitrous oxide! Chris’s office staff is likewise skilled and caring. Emily, my hygienist, is equal parts meticulous and kind, even when my flossing record is less than stellar. If you value your teeth—and your mind—you would be wise to go to Dr. Furlan at Havertown Dentistry.

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