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Testimonials From Dental Professionals

Endorsements from satisfied patients are extremely important.  The success of our practice has always been based on word-of-mouth advertising (the nicest people send us their nicest friends and family members!).   

While most patients are very good judges of a dentists gentleness, compassion and personality, our professional colleagues are the best judges of the quality of our work and the efforts behind the results.  We are proud to have won the respect of many esteemed members of the dental community:



There is an expression about experience: someone can have thirty years of experience, or one year of experience repeated thirty times. I have known Dr. Furlan for over thirty years, both personally and professionally, and he has always been on the “bleeding edge” where advancements in dentistry are concerned. He is a gifted clinician, with a chair-side demeanor that is comforting and calming for the anxious patient. His patients are always well informed about the procedure they are being referred for, streamlining my treatment delivery because he has removed the mystery and fear of the procedure prior to their arrival in my office.

It is rare to find someone who is “quietly competent”, and genuinely concerned about the welfare of his patients. He truly enjoys the interaction he has with them and, from my observation, the feeling is very mutual without exception. It has been a distinct pleasure working with Dr. Furlan all these years, and he is a role model for all young practitioners because he is the epitome of the true professional: intelligent, informed and involved !

​Stephen P. Niemczyk, D.M.D.

American Board of Endodontics


It is with sincere professional pleasure that I endorse Dr. Chris Furlan. 

Dr. Furlan continues to remain current on the latest developments in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry and the ever changing technologies of complex restorative care as well as implant restorations.  He has demonstrated to me his compassion and comprehensive knowledge in routine preventive care for patients of all ages.  Countless times he correctly and appropriately diagnosed a variety of periodontal diseases in the earliest of stages.  This is extremely important in order to successfully treat patients to restore dental and oral health while maintaining  their natural smile and function. 

I have no reservation in recommending Dr. Furlan .  He is genuinely committed to offer individualized care while continuing to be sensitive to listen to concerns serving all his patient's and their families with outstanding attention to detail.  


Steven L. Atlas, D.M.D.
Practice Limited to Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology
Exton, PA​


I have known Dr. Furlan for over 14 years as a professional colleague.  I am an American Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, having taught full-time in an academic institution, and for the past 14 years in private practice. I refer patients to Dr. Furlan for the highest quality dental care I have found in our Greater Philadelphia Area and surrounding suburbs.

I have used several general dentists for my own dental treatment. I was disenchanted with my former general dentist due to an increasing lack of quality care and "farming out" of important dental treatment to his auxiliaries who repeatedly caused errors in executing my dental care. Knowing Dr. Furlan's high quality proven consistent care with our mutually treated patients, I transferred my personal dental care to Dr. Furlan.   It is not superlative for me to say with certainty he is the finest dentist I have had. His attention to detail and thoroughness is very apparent.

Anthony Farole, DMD

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


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