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Meet Our Doctor...

Havertown Dentist
Chris Furlan, DMD, MBA


Dr. Furlan graduated from Penn's Dental school a few decades ago and then attended Wharton's MBA program in Health Economics. ​  His obsession for all things technical in dentistry makes him the kind of person you should want as your dentist, so long as you don't have to live with him (his wife and two kids approved this message).

Dr. Furlan is probably in the prime of his career...he's been in dentistry long enough so that he truly knows what to do and is extremely good at doing it...yet he's not so old that his hands, eyes and mind are beginning to fail.  Check back on this site in a few years to see if we can still make that claim.

Dr. Furlan has been involved in implant dentistry since 1988.  He is a member of the Delaware Valley Academy of Osseointegration (the science of implants), and the DKU Continuing Education program.  He has attended over 2000 hours of continuing education training in his career.  He has many hobbies and some of his personal photography is displayed on this site.

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